Data Backup

What kind of data backup do I need to be sure I won’t lose my photos or data?

Off-Site Data Backup

There are many ways to backup data. However, for most people the best way to backup your data is using an off-site data backup service. Off-site data backup services charge a very affordable monthly fee and they keep your data backed up all the time in real time without you ever having to remember to do anything at all. The advantages are that it is very cost effective, once installed on your system you never have to remember to backup your data, all of your data is backed up in real time. Each time you add or change something on your computer it is immediately uploaded to your backup service. Other advantages include not having to worry about your backup hardware failing. Off-Site backup services use massive server arrays with hundreds of redundant hard drives in hardened data centers. The odds of you losing any of your data is near zero. Also, if your computer becomes infected with a crypto virus, the infection cannot spread to your backed up data. If your house floods, burns down or is robbed, your data is safe with off-site backups. One disadvantage of off-site backups are that if  you need to recover some of your backed up data, you will have download it via the internet. This can be a slow process if you have a lot of photos and data. However, for most people, the speed is not a big concern as the main concern is the safety of the photos and data.

Local Data Backup

You could purchase and external USB hard drive to connect to your computer or laptop and backup your data to the external hard drive. One of the advantages of this method is that your data is stored locally, so if you need to access the backup it will be much faster than an off-site backup would be. Another advantage is you only have to pay one time for the backup drive instead of a monthly fee like an off-site backup service. One of the disadvantages of a local backup is you have to be sure to remember to periodically backup your data to the external drive. You also have to test and make sure the external drive is always working. If it fails, you may lose all of your backed up data. Another disadvantage to a local backup is that if your computer were to get infected with a crytpo virus and if your external hard drive is plugged into your computer, all of your backup data will be lost as well as the infection can move from your computer directly to the external drive. Also, your external hard drive could fail, be lost or stolen or damaged by fire or water which of course would likely destroy all of your data as well.


Combination Data Backup

For the best of both worlds, many people do both off-site data backup and at the same time backup their data to a local USB hard drive.  To many people, you can never be too safe with your precious photos and documents.

One Time Data Backup

If you simply need data from a computer backed up just once. Or if you need data backed up from a non working computer, Computer Heaven, Inc. is the place to go. We can usually backup your data even if your computer no longer works.  We can copy the data to an external USB hard drive or a USB flash drive. Just give us a call or stop by!

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