The desktop computer: it’s the foundation of the entire computer world as we know it! Before there were laptops, tablets, or smartphones, there were desktop computers, and many people still rely on these machines to help them through their daily lives. Because of this, desktop computer repair in Baton Rouge is one of the most critical services out there, and it’s essential to find a technician you can trust with your machine.

What is so Special About Desktop Computers?

Compared to other models, desktop computers are often more powerful, more functional, and even more user-friendly. Thanks to their larger bodies, easier airflow capabilities, and more advanced cooling components, desktop computers don’t get as hot as laptops. This is a big deal since overheating is one of the main issues that faces today’s computers. Because the desktop has more space and resources to handle the excess heat, however, it’s less likely to break down if it gets too hot.

What’s more, desktop computers are also faster, more capable, and more functional thanks to their larger memory and larger processors.

These things, combined with the attractive appearance and multi-functionality of most desktops, has made them a consumer favorite! While it may be true that the desktop isn’t as portable as a tablet or laptop, it makes up in convenience, functionality, and reliance what it lacks in portability.

Expert-Level Desktop Computer Repair in Baton Rouge from Computer heaven

Most desktop computers were standardized during the production process.  During the early years of computer years, manufacturers built computers that all looked different on the inside, and these various internal layouts made it difficult to standardize the repair process and fix issues reliably.

Luckily, Intel took a step to correct this problem in 1995, when they released the ATX standard. That standard has been the norm ever since, and it’s made desktop computer repair in Baton Rouge much simpler and more straightforward than it used to be.

Today, desktop computer repair specialists like the team here at Computer Heaven enjoys the fact that the interior of a desktop is accessible! While there are always exceptions, the parts of a desktop computer are easy to find, and problems are simpler than ever before to diagnose and correct.

Thanks to the fact that everything is modular, all of the components of a desktop computer are completely individual. Thanks to that foundation, the team here at Computer Heaven can simply use our troubleshooting skills and expert-level desktop computer repair knowledge to locate and address the problems in your system, and restore your desktop computer to full functionality – quickly and efficiently!

The Components we Address During Desktop Computer Repair in Baton Rouge

Thanks to Intel, all of today’s desktop computer components are fully standardized. This means that everything has the same cable and screw positioning and that it’s easy to navigate various desktop computers, even if they’re not the same makes and models.

That being said, here are the most common components that we address during desktop computer repair in Baton Rouge:

  • The computer’s power supply
  • Video or input cards
  • The tower or case on the exterior of the desktop computer
  • The computer’s memory functions or RAM
  • The desktop’s processor or CPU
  • The motherboard of the computer
  • The fan and the heatsink of the CPU
  • The computer’s hard drive
  • The DVD/CD drive

Other components we commonly address include the monitor, the speakers, the operating system itself, and even the PCI cards!  So whether you’re facing a hardware, software, or power supply issue, the expert team here at Computer Heaven is here to locate your problem and solve it.

The 3 Most Common Issues in Desktop Computer Repair 

While many things can go wrong with a desktop computer, the following three issues are the most common ones we see:

1. Malfunctioning or worn-out power supplies

Power supplies are some of the most vulnerable parts of a computer, and they’re often one of the components that go bad first. If your power supply isn’t charging well (or at all), give us a call to schedule your desktop computer repair consultation today!

2. Motherboard issues or complete motherboard failure

Motherboard failure can be devastating to your desktop computer. If your desktop computer isn’t starting correctly or is booting up but then powering down spontaneously, contact our team to schedule an appointment or an in-house repair visit.

3. Hard drive meltdowns and failures

Your hard disk is the brain of your computer, and if it goes bad, the entire system is shot. If you’ve noticed whirring, buzzing, or odd computer behavior, contact our specialists today. We can help you troubleshoot your hard drive and either repair it or back up or recover your data, so you don’t lose everything in the event of a crash.

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