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Virus Warranty


Never get a computer virus ever again. Guaranteed!

image Absolute Guaranteed* Protection From

E-mails Viruses, Web Site Viruses, Facebook viruses,

Infected Flash Drives, Cryptolocker Viruses,
Even Bad behavior

In fact, no matter what you do, we guarantee that your covered computer won’t get infected.

For less than 28 cents per day**, we guarantee your computer will be virus free. If somehow your computer does get infected (It won’t!) we will restore your computer back to a virus-free state for free*.

Pay only $99.99 per year for total protection!

Without Warranty With Warranty
Virus / Malware Cleanup



each time


Complete Wipe & Reload



each time


The Fine Print

This warranty includes virus and malware removal only. Other software problems which were not caused by a virus or malware are not covered.

Backing up of your personal or business data
is not covered under this warranty. If would like your data to be kept safe, ask us about our no effort real time / all the time data backup service. This backup service will ensure that your data is backed up every single day; you don’t have to do a thing! If you ever have a data failure we will assist you in restoring your backed up data at no cost to you.

*If your computer gets a virus or malware of any kind, Computer Heaven will remove the infections free of charge for as long as you maintain your virus warranty with Computer Heaven using one of the Cleanup Options listed above.

**Get our guaranteed protection for less than $2 per week with our annual virus protection warranty.

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