MacBook Computer Repair in Baton Rouge

Computer Heaven, Inc. can repair your MacBook computer, even when Apple refuses to. No matter what the problem is with your MacBook, Computer Heaven, Inc. is here to help. We have been repairing computers in Baton Rouge since 1995. You can count on Computer Heaven, Inc. to get it fixed right the first time. Call or stop by today!

The 4 Most Common Issues in MacBook Computer Repair 

While many things can go wrong with your MacBook, the following four issues are the most common ones we see:

1. Macbook Screen Issues

Unfortunately, because Macbooks are so portable they tend to take more abuse than a desktop computer. As a result of this, it is not uncommon for a screen to become damaged. A cracked or otherwise damaged Macbook screen can be repaired and Computer Heaven, Inc. has repaired thousands of them. Even if your screen is not physically damaged it can fail in other ways. Regardless of the reason, Computer Heaven, Inc. has you covered. We can repair your Macbook screen quickly and get you back up and running. Give us a call or stop by today!

2. Virus and other software problems

Despite what you may have heard, Macbook computers do get viruses and malware. The symptoms can include your Macbook running slower than normal, freezing or locking up, or simply programs not working the way they normally should. Fortunately, no matter what the cause of your software problem Computer Heaven, Inc. can get your Macbook up and running like the day you first bought it. Computer Heaven, Inc. even offers an optional virus warranty guarantee! With this optional warranty, we guarantee you will never get a virus ever again! Give us a call or stop by today!

3. Power and charging issues

Macbooks have power plugs and also batteries. Batteries are considered a consumable item so they will eventually have to be replaced. You will find the longer you own your Macbook, the shorter the battery life will be until it eventually stops charging altogether. If your problem is poor battery life or your battery is not charging, you likely need to get a new battery. If your Macbook won’t power on at all you may have a bad power adapter or the power jack on your Macbook may be damaged. Damaged power jacks are very common.  Fortunately, Computer Heaven, Inc. is great at repairing and replacing Macbook power jacks. If the problem is your power adapter, Computer Heaven, Inc. has Macbook power adapters in stock.

4. Hard drive failures

Your hard disk is where all of your data, programs and even operating system (aka OS X) is stored. All hard drives will fail sooner or later. They have moving parts and ball bearing which eventually fail.  If your hard drive fails we may be able to recover your data. If you’ve noticed clicking noises from your Macbook or unusually slow performance, let Computer Heaven, Inc. diagnose the problem for you. We can help you troubleshoot your hard drive and either repair it or back up or recover your data so you don’t lose photos or data.  Of course, you should always have backups of your photos and data. If you don’t currently backup up your photos and data in real-time, give us a call today and let us show you how we can guarantee you will never ever lose any of your photos or data, ever. Real-time data backup is very affordable and fully automated so you don’t have to do anything once we set it up for you!

Other common Macbook repair issues include – Liquid damage from spilling something onto the MacBook, failing cooling fans which cause your MacBook to overheat, failing RAM which can cause all kinds of issues and failing motherboards.  So, whether you’re facing a hardware, software, or power issue, the expert team here at Computer Heaven, Inc. is here to locate your problem and solve it. Give us a call or stop by today!

Computer Repair in Baton Rouge

Most Common Problems with MacBook Computers

  • Damaged / cracked Screens
  • Power jack damaged / not working
  • Fan / overheating problems
  • Liquid / spill damage
  • External power adapter problems
  • RAM memory issues
  • CPU issues
  • Motherboard issues
  • Hard drive problems
  • CD/DVD drive problems