Computer Heaven, Inc. Custom Built Computers

Computer Heaven, Inc. has been building custom computers since 1995. Whether you are looking for a simple home computer, a business computer, a computer for composing and editing music or video, or if you are a gamer looking for that awesome custom built gaming rig, Computer Heaven, Inc. has the experience and expertise to build the perfect customer computer for just for you. And don’t forget that all of Computer Heaven, Inc.’s custom built computers come with a lifetime labor warranty! Stop by and test drive one today!

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Custom Built Home and Business Workstations


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Custom Built Red Light Gaming Rig


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Custom Built Blue Light Gaming Rig

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Custom Built Computers

  • Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • Home Computers
  • Business Workstations
  • Business Servers
  • Gaming Rigs
  • Video Editing Rigs
  • Audio Editing Rigs
  • Animation Rigs
  • Bitcoin Mining Rigs
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs