Remote Connections

We have the ability to connect to your computer to better assist you.

If you are already working with a Computer Heaven technician who has asked to connect to your computer, please enter the six-digit code you were given in the box below:

6-digit pin code:

When you click “Start Download,” a small application will download to your computer to start the support session. Save the application and then run it by double-clicking the downloaded file.

During the session, the application will ask for permission to allow the technician to fully control your computer.

Computer Repair in Baton Rouge

Most Common Problems with Desktop Computers

  • The computer’s power supply
  • Video or input cards
  • The tower or case on the exterior of the desktop computer
  • The computer’s memory functions or RAM
  • The desktop’s processor or CPU
  • The motherboard of the computer
  • The fan and the heatsink of the CPU
  • The computer’s hard drive
  • The DVD/CD drive